Portable Aluminium Flagpoles

With our range of portable flagpoles you can easily create a superb display of flags at outdoor shows and exhibitions.

Our flagpoles are manufactured from high quality drawn aluminium tubing sections with an attractive anodised finish. They are supplied complete with fittings, guyropes, pegs, peg extractor and a nylon carrying bag.

Please contact our sales team for pricing information.


15ft Free Standing Flagpole without baseplate
15ft Free Standing Flagpole with vehicle baseplate
15ft Free Standing Flagpole with vehicle baseplate and rotating arm (1.5m long)
15ft Free Standing Flagpole with square brackets
20ft Guyed Flagpole complete
20ft Guyed Flagpole including rotating arm(1.5m long)
25ft Guyed Flagpole complete
30ft Guyed Flagpole complete


Rotating arm (1.5m long) inc. top section pole and flag restraint for upright flag format
Baseplate Free Standing
Baseplate (e.g. for use under wheel of car)
Square Baseplate with Screw holes
Trailer Mounting Brackets

Portable Aluminium Banner Display Frames

Our portable Banner display frames allow you to create a display area at shows and exhibitions.

We supply either Standard Banner Frame (25mm square tube) or Heavy Duty Banner Frame (30mm o/d tube) in any size. Typical sizes are as follows, intermediate sizes are also available. Contact our sales team with your exact requirements.

5ft x 3ft (152cm x 92cm)
10ft x 3ft (305cm x 92cm)
15ft x 3ft (457cm x 92cm)
20ft x 3ft (610cm x 92cm)
25ft x 3ft (762cm x 92cm)
30ft x 3ft (914cm x 92cm)

Overhead Banner Frames are also available at 12ft high (3.64m) and 12ft 3ins (3.75m) wide. The recommended maximum banner size for an overhead frame is 12ft x 3ft (364cm x 92cm)

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