Print Formats

Screen Printing

By far the best results and the most brilliant colors are achieved by chemical damp through-printing. This is a screen printing process in which dispersion dyes are printed "wet on wet." Special colours and spot colours are printed as true colours and are not developed through 4c halftoning. It possible to print up to 10 colours in one cycle.

After printing, the material runs through a damper in which the colours are fixed thermally. By means of hot steam at a temperature of 195° C and under high pressure, this process opens the fibres which take up the dye.Afterwards this dye is bonded to the material and can no longer be washed out.

With our screen-printing machines we can print textiles with a size of up to 2 x 6 meters. Larger formats, depending on the motif, are possible upon consultation.

Digital Printing

Using a completely modern digital printing system makes it possible to carry out the economical production of your individual flags, decorative banners and megaprints with the best quality and in the shortest delivery time possible. In addition, we can furnish existing flags with a print impression.

Direct digital printing on textiles makes it possible to print a width of up to 200 cm at any desired length. To do this we rely on special machines that have been developed specifically for digital printing on textiles.

The same high-quality dyes are employed that are utilized in screen printing. In this way, much more brilliant results are obtained than with conventional digital printing machines.

Through an ultrasound fusing process almost any finishing format at the desired length can be done without unsightly seams.


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