Portrait-Format Flags

Portrait format flags are gaining significance as decorative flags and promotional flags. They are fastened to a staff on the long side and wave along the short side; for this reason, they are fully unfurled even when there is little breeze. This effect is enhanced by the easy-waving flag cloth used today. Because of special methods of hanging, this flag requires little space. Vertical flags can also be hoisted on rotating "outrigger staffs." The advantage: the flag is always fully unfolded. The motif is visible even when there is no wind.


Just like any other flag, national flags can be in portrait format. The graphic construction is then altered. Banners are hoisted on vertical poles outdoors and are also used indoors as wall decorations. By means of the crossbar on the upper edge, even when there is no breeze banners are unfurled and present themselves to the observer. The size corresponds to the masts available. Banners should end as high as possible above the ground.

Horizontal Banners

Horizontal banners are the ideal addition to your promotional flags. They can be easily mounted at eye-level in many places. They convey your promotional message expressively and can not be overlooked. Horizontal banners are optimal for large and small event or also for long-term advertising.

Horizontal Hoisted Flags

The horizontal hoisted flag is the classic form for national flags. In reference works and maps, this kind of flag is the only one represented. Horizontal hoisted flags are rectangular, and the short side is fastened to the pole. The ratio of length to width is normally 5:3 or 3:2. The size of the flag corresponds to the length of the flagpole. The flag should fill the upper third of the mast and be able to wave freely.

Hanging flags

Hanging flags, like banners, are fastened at the top on the shorter side. The staffs are horizontal or tilted slightly upward from the building where they are attached. Hanging flags, too, are independent of wind.

Interior Decoration

Interior flags are enjoying increased popularity in recent times. We can prepare these with different mounting possibilities according to your wishes.

Outrigger Flags

Portrait-format flags can also be hoisted on rotating "outrigger staffs." The advantage: the flag is fully unfurled. The motif is visible even when there is no wind.


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